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Custom Foam Inserts For Pelican™ Cases

Custom foam inserts for Pelican Cases might be the solution you're looking for. Pelican Cases are world famous for their strength, durability & affordability, so what can be added to a Pelican™ Case which will give you better protection? There is only one answer that can make a Pelican™ Case better and that is a custom foam insert from Case Club.

The Egg that Won't Last...
Pelican™ Products has developed the best cases on the market. Their outer shells can withstand the abuses of war and the most harsh industrial environments. As you'll find the case is only half the battle however. The foam within the case is the other half and probably a more difficult decision than even the Pelican™ case itself. The foam insert within the case can be the difference between a shipping success and nightmare. Think of it this way. If I put an egg in a Pelican™ case with no foam, how long do you think it will last in transit? Would it even make it to the shipping company? Would I even be able to put the Pelican™ case in a cardboard box without breaking the egg? It's an extreme example, but one that tells an important lesson. Any case including the world famous Pelican™ Case is nothing without the proper foam insert on the inside.

3 Guns in a Custom Foam Insert PelicanAre Custom Foam Inserts right for you?

Custom foam inserts aren't for everyone. If you need a quick foam insert and your item isn't expensive Pick N Pluck foam will most likely do the job. In fact we find Pick N Pluck is the solution to the majority of the market. Needless to say custom foam inserts have their place and an important place at that. Custom foam inserts are the absolute best protection you can add to any case including a Pelican™. They perfectly contour the items dispersing energy around the item. With a custom foam insert your sensitive equipment will be encapsulated in foam and kept away from the interior walls of the case. If your item is especially expensive, irreplaceable, heavy or irregularly shaped a custom foam insert is recommended.

More information on Custom Foam for Pelican™

If you're still reading this than you probably really care about the item going in the case which means your considering a custom foam insert. You probably agree that custom foam is the best protection you can add to any Pelican™ cases, but what about the price? You might be pleasantly surprised to find out a custom foam insert is more affordable than you might think. In fact custom foam for low and high volume jobs is very cost effective considering the insert is one of a kind made specifically for you. There are different factors affecting the price including the material being used, the complexity of the foam insert, and various time constraints. Give us a call and we would be happy to quote your job. You'll notice almost every case we sell has a picture of a custom foam insert to accompany it. All these inserts (even the ones on this page) come from people just like you. They understand the importance of a custom foam insert and when combined with our low pricing, a custom foam insert is an easier decision than ever.

Give your Pelican™ Cases an advantage in the harsh world of transit with Custom Foam Inserts

Convenience & Communication is the Key to Success

Convenience and communication go hand-in-hand. We would rather show you how easy custom foam inserts are than tell you, so bare with us. First we stock all Pelican™ Cases which means we have the exact dimensions and perimeters of every Pelican™ that exists. This will save time when creating the foam insert. Since we have every Pelican™ case in stock we'll make sure your custom foam insert fits the case perfectly. If you have special directions for us, we will design the insert around your goal. After all that's the point of a custom foam insert. It's your foam insert, and you will be using it so we'll make it to your vision no matter how complex it is. If we have recommendations or options we'll let you know, but no matter what, our goal is to make your vision and expectations a reality.

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